Research Highlights

  1. Electrophysiology
  2. Neurodegeneration and Neuroprotection
  3. Clinical Neuroscience
  4. Clinical Psychiatry
  5. Visual Attention
  6. Development of Visual Perception
  7. Perception and Consciousness
  8. Neurobiology of Decision and Judgment



The MBI-Lab (Mind-Body Interface Laboratory) vigorously promotes a global agenda of translational medicine by promoting interdisciplinary research, and integrating work from the bench and bedside, which aim to provide better care and service in the field of mental health. Based at the China Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan, the MBI-Lab is host to education, research, and outreach programs in medical and basic research. Our goal is to promote research and teaching that leads to a better understanding of mental illnesses. We aim to create a stimulating environment for graduate students, clinicians and researchers, by understanding the molecular mechanisms that underlie basic biological processes and how they go wrong in psychiatric disease. The research centre focuses a wide range of medical and basic research topics by using the analytical tools of biochemistry, molecular biology, functional neuroimaging, and genetics techniques. Furthermore, academic cooperation is engaged and supported domestically and internationally with the research interest and specialty of our faculty.

 Research Areas

  1. Translational medicine, connecting the bench and beside with novel interdisciplinary approaches to promote medical research
  2. Genomic studies in psychiatric disorders and pharmacogenetics
  3. Neurocognitive functioning in psychiatric disorders
  4. New treatments for depressive disorders, including omega-3 fatty acids, transcranial magnetic stimulations, Chinese medicine...
  5. Brain imaging studies in psychiatric disorders
  6. Cellular and molecular mechanisms of psychiatric disorders and pharmacotherapy